Data Storage Solutions

Reciprocal have vast experience in fully understanding our customers detailed requirements and a capability to propose the right technology fit for the situation. We pride ourselves in our consultative independent approach.

Consistent design and delivery of the propose storage and data management solutions have been core to the successful growth of Reciprocal.

We focus on maximising the customer benefit that comes from our expertise in data storage. We have many references and case studies where we have helped customers eliminate complexity, reduce operating costs and simplify the operational management of their data storage environment.

We have outstanding technical ability and solid accreditations with our major technology partners. Combine this with a company culture of putting the customer first and a track record of going beyond to ensure successful completion of projects.

The solutions we deliver typically fall into the following categories:

  • Storage Consolidation & Virtualisation
  • Networking
  • More Efficient Backup Solutions
  • De-duplication of Data
  • Automated Tiered Storage Platforms
  • File Lifecycle Management
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Cloud Storage, Backup and DR Services
  • Data Management Reporting
  • Data Migration Services
  • 3rd Party Maintenance Support