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NAS to NAS Migrations

Reciprocal’s NAS to NAS transfer service is an innovative solution that eliminates the fundamental bottlenecks of conventional file transfer technologies such as FTP, HTTP and Windows CIFS, and dramatically speeds transfers over public and private IP networks. The approach achieves perfect throughput efficiency, independent of the latency of the path and robust to packet losses. In addition, users have extraordinary control over individual transfer rates and bandwidth sharing, and full visibility into bandwidth utilisation. File transfer times can be guaranteed, regardless of the distance of the endpoints or the dynamic conditions of the network, even including transfers over satellite, wireless and inherently long distance and unreliable international links. Complete security is built-in, including secure endpoint authentication, on-the-fly data encryption, and integrity verification.

Transport characteristics


Enables large data set transfers over any network at maximum speed, source disk to destination disk, regardless of network conditions or distance. Over gigabit WANs with one second RTT and 5% packet loss, achieves 700-800 Mbps file transfers on high-end PCs with RAID-0 and 400-500 Mbps transfers on commodity PCs.


Even with extreme packet loss and latency (30%/one second RTT), sustains over 100 Mbps WAN transfers, and fills a satellite transponder.


Transfers large data sets of small files with the same efficiency as large single files.


Very lightweight. Does not require specialised or powerful hardware to maintain high speeds.


Provides precise rate control (pre-set and on-the-fly) for guaranteed transfer times.


Uses an automatic adaptive rate control to fully utilise available bandwidth while remaining fair to other traffic.


Provides fast, automatic discovery of the bandwidth capacity between the source and destination.


Supports on-the-fly configurable bandwidth sharing policies. Users may pre-set and change individual transfer rates and finish times as needed.


Supports perfect progressive-style transfers, e.g. for media playout. Transfer speeds do not degrade with congestion or distance, ensuring smooth, immediate processing of the incoming data.


Includes complete, built-in security using open standard cryptography for user authentication, data encryption and data integrity verification.



Uses standard, unmodified IP networking and is implemented in software as an application protocol. Requires no changes to the operating system or driver installation on the file transfer endpoints, no new appliances, and no network changes.



Provides end-to-end transfer progress reporting and detailed performance statistics for monitoring and billing, as well as custom pre- and post-transfer processing. Automatically resumes partial transfers and retries failed transfers.



Supports interoperable file and directory transfers between all major operating systems and provides a complete, modern software API to build upon.

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