RAMS to Azure

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Compliance Storage and Data Management Based on Azure

The cloud is quickly becoming the preferred option for companies struggling with the growing issue of unmanaged and orphaned data from application retirement projects and departed employees, aging backups, and legacy email archives.

Introducing RAMS

RAMS is the first cloud-managed solution for compliance and long-term data management built on Azure Services that creates a secure and compliant enterprise archive. RAMS enables organisations to consolidate unstructured, low-touch, grey data sets while lowering the cost and securing Microsoft Cloud for archival storage. This includes legacy email archives, journal folders, inactive or departed employee work files, free range PSTs, file share content, backups, system generated data, and eDiscovery/compliance data sets. With infinite scalability, RAMS delivers long-term, secure retention and management at a great price.


On-demand, Azure Hot and Cool Blob Storage. Store huge amounts of unstructured data to replace aging on-premises archives and file shares.

Highly Secure

Built on the Azure security platform.

Stringent AES 256-bit encryption.

Verifiable data fidelity for audits and regulatory compliance.

Obvious ROI

Pay only for services your use.

Retire costly on-premises h/w and s/w.

Increase productivity.

RAMS fully integrates with FastCollect for Archives, a migration platform that provides collection, migration, and long-term retention/disposition for archived and unstructured data. Based on the Azure enterprise-grade cloud storage platform—these platforms support a wide range of compliance, legal, and business requirements.

Consolidate data from across disparate, on-premises data silos into a single managed cloud.


Retire costly on-premises hardware and applications.


Reduce data storage and management costs by as much as 90%.


Deliver low-cost data management capabilities with RAMS plus Azure services.


Access data tiering (Hot/Cool Blob storage), on-demand indexing, and geolocation and replication Fine-tune your organisation’s capability to cost model

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