SAN to SAN Migrations

Global Migration Experts
Built on Reciprocal’s proven success in hundreds of enterprise migrations, Reciprocal SAN and NAS migration services take enterprise data migration to a new level:

Non-disruptive and outage-free data migration made available through flexible service offerings from turnkey project delivery to service and technology assistance.

Flexible Migration Options

Online, offline, or migration project assistance – choose the type and level of service based on your specific operating, resource, and budgeting needs.

Reciprocal Migration Options

Online or Offline Migration

Keep your applications up and running as Reciprocal migrates data over several weeks in the background. Or, have Reciprocal migrate the data at high speed and complete the migration offline during a few weekend maintenance periods. Or choose a combination of both methods to keep business-critical applications running while reducing overall migration time.

Turnkey Migration Service

A Reciprocal consultant will plan the migration, migrate the data (online or offline), assist in remediating your servers, and document the process. Viacom assumes project responsibility and backs it with an on-time guarantee. This service is ideal for small- to mid-size migrations with tight deadlines and/or limited internal resources.

Migration Assistance

With Reciprocal’s Data Centre Migration Services, you can customise migration services from us as circumstances require. Designed for mid-size to large migrations, a specialist will manage the following services to meet your requirements:


Plan and migrate data for SAN and NAS storage systems. Depending on budget and operating requirements, the migration may be managed onsite or remotely.

Special Migration Services

Migration services for clustered servers, Windows LUN re-alignment, Secure erasure of migrated data and boot LUNs. Additional services are available under a custom Statement of Work.

Server Remediation

A Reciprocal specialist will assist in remediating designated servers.

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