Trading Floor & Call Centre Data

Call Centre Data

Migrating Trading floor and Call Centre Data from Archive, Networked attached Storage or legacy platforms is one of our specialities.

Trading Floor/Call Centre Data

Many Investment Banks use multiple Trading floor applications and platforms, whether it be feeds from Reuters, Bloomberg, IPC and many others or Trade Voice systems from BT, SpeakerBus, Cisco and Skype for Business. On top of this there are many Voice recording systems for example Verint, NICE and Redbox among others.  All of these applications together generate a vast amoun of data which, in most circumstances must be stored on compliant storage platforms. Examples of these platforms include Dell Centera, Dell ECS, Hitachi HCP, IBM iCOS (CleverSafe) and NAS compliance such as Isilon SmartLock of NetApp SnapLock, just to name a few. Depending on which platforms are used the applications may be using standard protocols like REST, S3 and CIFS or ad-hoc protocols like the Centera CAS API.

Many Banks are cautious of migrating the recoding data between platforms due to the number of challenges involved, including:

Retaining retention periods

Chain of Custody

Change of protocol

Data on litigation hold

Custom Naming

In-House built applications

Trading Floor & Call Centre Data - Reciprocal Group
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