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February 20, 2018
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Open networking, 25 GbE and SD-WAN appliances

With users demanding ever faster response times from their applications, network infrastructure needs to keep pace with the increased bandwidths required. Until recently, 10 gigabits/second was the fastest speed commonly available for network-to-server connectivity. However, with the launch of Dell’s 14G PowerEdge servers combined with the latest Dell Ethernet switch models, 25GbE ports are now available – bridging the gap between 10GbE and 40 or 100GbE connectivity.

Equally, 40GbE is now being surpassed by 100GbE – allowing for more cost-effective use of fibre links, ideal when using dark-fibre or just for linking multiple 1U switches together to form a virtual chassis fabric, such as Dell’s VLT technology.

Meanwhile, Open Networking is becoming more widely available – allowing customers to choose which vendor their switch software is provided by – and allowing true Software Defined Networking. The ability to choose not to use the switch vendor’s own operating system is very powerful – and all Dell switches with the suffix ‘-ON’ are already enabled for this. Choose from products by Big Switch, Cumulus Networks, IP Infusion or Pluribus Networks, depending on your needs. Or just stick with Dell OS, which comes bundled with all Dell switches and provides a traditional Cisco-like CLI interface – ideal for customers who just need straight-forward Layer 2 and/or Layer 3 networking that ‘just works’.

Indeed, revenues from SD-WAN infrastructure and services will rise nearly 70% a year to $8.05 billion in 2021, according to IDC. Companies moving business applications to public clouds and subscribing to software as a service are driving the booming SD-WAN market. The technology lowers the cost for companies connecting branch offices to the internet to reach cloud and SaaS applications. And bear in mind that Dell EMC support is responsible for fixing problems with the hardware or software, even if one of the SD-WAN vendors is called in for assistance.

Contact Reciprocal for more details on the speed and flexibility built-in to the latest generation of Dell networking.

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