Secure Data Migration Services
February 15, 2018
Which one will you pick to migrate?
February 20, 2018

When was the last time your NAS got a thorough check-up?

Reciprocal is offering free assessments with our unique service – NASessor – non-intrusively analyses your file storage, online, without impacting the performance of your systems. Reciprocal’s highly trained consultants work with you to understand your data, giving you valuable insight into the data your users are storing.

5 Reasons to Assess your NAS with NASessor:

  • Helps you make important decisions about your data storage;
  • Identifies how much data is ‘cold’ and isn’t being used regularly;
  • Helps spot data which shouldn’t be kept;
  • Allows cost-efficiency improvements to be found;
  • Provides you with visibility of the data your users are storing.

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