Secure Data Erasure


Have the Capability for Secure Data Erasure Services
Managing the Compliance Business Challenge

In the ever-challenging business of the compliance climate, security of confidential information is a real challenge, and the penalties of failure are substantial – financially and legally and in many cases, it can be emotional. Reciprocal Data Erasure Services reduce the risk of data loss, disclosure, or unauthorised use throughout the information lifecycle.

New regulations, requirements, and customer loyalty means that every piece of information must be protected through its entire lifecycle. Compliance means following the rules and being able to prove it. Responsibility doesn’t end when your lease ends or a drive replacement is required – your confidential data is at risk any time you add to, move, or change your storage environment. These scenarios include:

  • Preparing assets for retirement or end-of-life;
  • Repurposing or relocating information assets;
  • Reallocating storage in shared storage environments;
  • Returning equipment at lease end.